All About Denture Relines

There are basically two (2) different types of denture relines.

1.  A hard permanent reline which can be done either a) at the office with an autopolymerizing resin or else b) sent to the dental laboratory and processed in a heat-cured plastic.  The laboratory reline is of better quality and tends to last longer than a chairside reline.  This process requires the patient to be without his dentures for a short while to allow the laboratory to complete the process.  In the predoctoral clinic, the patient is scheduled for a reline impression in the early morning and the denture is returned for insertion in late afternoon.  The patient should be advised ahead of the appointment to leave the dentures out for 24 hours prior to the appointment to allow the tissues to reach a state of rest. The main disadvantage of this technique is that the heat used during the processing will distort the denture base and require a posterior palatal seal be made to counter the deficiency in the palate. 


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