Mild fluorosis? Pair microabrasion with bleaching

February 19, 2014 -- Dental fluorosis may not have a significant impact on the functionality of teeth, but it can be a major issue in patients' minds. The treatment options for nonsevere cases of fluorosis should be both minimally invasive and cost-effective, according to the researchers of a new study.

To help clinicians decide which treatment to employ that fits these criteria, researchers at the Federal University of Paraiba and the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil compared two options: enamel microabrasion or microabrasion associated with at-home tooth bleaching.

The parallel randomized clinical trial found that both treatment protocols effectively reduced signs of fluorosis. "However, when home bleaching was associated to enamel microabrasion, patients reported a major satisfaction with dental appearance," the researchers wrote in the Journal of Dentistry (January 29, 2014).

Interestingly, these are two of the most conservative approaches to removing fluorosis stains, yet the researchers found a lack of clinical trials of this nature comparing them. Consequently, they sought to "evaluate the acceptability, efficacy, and safety of enamel microabrasion and the association of this technique with at-home tooth bleaching on the removal [of] fluorosis stains," the researchers explained.

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