Shades of gray in QoL measures after dental whitening

A complex picture has emerged of changes in oral-health-related quality of life (QoL) after at-home dental bleaching, with some measures improving and others deteriorating after the treatment, a Brazilian double-blind randomized clinical trial has shown.

Participants reported a significant reduction in measures such as problems with smiling or showing their teeth with embarrassment, but they also reported an increase in some negative impacts, including difficulty in cleaning teeth.

“Quality of life is complex and encompasses different domains,” point out lead researcher Flávio Demarco and co-workers from the Federal University of Pelotas. “Dentists must consider these aspects when performing aesthetics procedures.”

Ninety-two volunteers aged 18–30 years with a mean shade of C1 or darker for the six maxillary anterior teeth were recruited to the study. They were randomly assigned to receive 10% (n=46) or 16% (n=46) carbamide peroxide treatment.

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